The Elms

I wanted to share with you the story behind our Autumn 17 Collection photos. The Elms is a historic building located in Tauranga, New Zealand. It was built in the early eighteen hundreds by English missionaries- Rev. A.N. Brown and his wife Charlotte Brown. 

After a failed trip to the Hawkes Bay due to bad weather, Grace and I decided to wing it. We went between the beach and the farm which is where we both spend most of our spare time. Even though New Zealand has a lot of history I often complain about the lack of historic buildings here, after visiting Europe where the architecture is so abundant and breath taking. 

After re discovering the Elms I was so happy that we were able to take photos and enjoy its english gardens and appreciate the local history. 

Thank you to Grace my beautiful and fun sister for taking the photos and being honest to me always. 

love, Rose x